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Whiteley Fuel Oil Company
P.O.Box 1468
West Chatham,MA 02669
(508) 945-5599
email: whiteleyfueloil@gmail.com

The Cape Cod winters are always challenging and this heating season Whiteley will be  integral to Managing Your Heating Costs and we can help with guaranteed fixed prices and supply of product. As a local family business we understand the difficult times ahead and we will not take your trust for granted....ever!

As all forms of energy prices have soared to new record highs, we are working to minimize the pain to our trusted customers.  Oil heat is still the most dependable and affordable heating source offered due in large to pricing programs and service offered by your local full service oil dealer.  Whiteley pricing programs, "Peace of Mind" automatic oil delivery, "Service Protection Contracts", and the experience that guarantees warm comfort and dependable service...are just the beginning of the programs that we are proud to offer the families and businesses of Cape Cod.

Whiteley offers SecureHeat by On Watch Electronics Click Here, a multi-sensor monitoring system that works over your phone line.  Ideal for seasonal homes, SecureHeat will monitor your oil tank level, includes a low-temperature alarm, and in most cases monitors your oil burner when it fails to fire and heat your home.  Most insurance companies are requiring some form of low-temperature alarm, automatic oil delivery, and a service contract for their customers to be insured.  You can trust Whiteley and our family of employees to help during these volatile times. Down load Secure Heat agreement Click Here

Whiteley is a leader on Cape Cod as the Cape's most trusted supplier of Premium Diesel Products, Gasoline, Kerosene, Lube Oils, Filters and Additives.  Servicing the marine, construction, transportation, and commercial fleets with premium products and premium service.  Contact The Diesel Store at     1-877-77 DIESEL 1-877-773-4373.

Whiteley Fuel Oil Company is a proud member of The New England Fuel Institute.


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